There is a shadow side of me.  I can't deny; can I break free?
There is a darkness in my heart.  I need some strength to light a spark.
A simple spark could light a flame and set a fire to all this shame.
And in that fire I'll find the light to guide the way through this dark night.

Darkness is only a shadow.  A place where the light has not reached.
So I'm on my way to the gallows to deal with this enemy.

The mystic man he showed us why: to die is gain... to gain new life.
The shadow always has to yield and dissipate when light's revealed.
And once the shadow dissipates, we find true love to show the way.
The way to live a life that shines and daily die to shadow side.

Brokenness feels like a burden.  Sorrow can bring so much pain
But these are the cracks where the light gets in...  to drive this old shadow away.