Heart Chiropractic

One thing that I am always learning is that I am always learning.  In fact, if we aspire to live a meaningful life it is necessary to always be learning.  As a musician and songwriter, one of the ways that I learn is by listening.  Listening to others... to their work... their advice...to their guidance... to their music.  My personal "favorite" music is any music that brings healing into my life.  And trust me... I need lots of healing.  If that surprises you, it might be that you don't know me very well.  The thing is, I am somewhat convinced that we all need lots of healing.  We are all a mess.  The real question is whether or not we are willing to be honest and vulnerable enough to receive that healingSo a big part of what I am learning is that in order to write "good" music (music that heals)... I must be honest and vulnerable

 Here is another important lesson I have learned and am continuing to learn:  good music is always ahead of the person who is writing it... essentially leading us to the place we need to go.  This is a lesson that I first heard explained by David Wilcox (a song writing master and mentor).  He used the analogy that a good song is like head lights showing us the way.  At first, I thought that was a little strange, yet something in me knew that it was also profound.  Now, I am experiencing that it is simply profound and true.  When I was a less mature songwriter, my songs would tend to be a little... (oh, I almost hate to say it)... preachy.  It was as if I had something to say to the world and "they" needed to hear it.  Damn, was I dead wrong!  

As I have matured as a songwriter and as one who is living this intense adventure we call life, I am learning that the best music is always out ahead of me.  Leading me.  Guiding me.  Teaching me.  Healing me.  It is as if my role in the process is simply to receive.   And once I have received... the guidance, the healing, the music, etc... my role is to pass the gift on to others.   As one who struggles almost as much with back issues as with heart issues, I have come to know this process as heart chiropractic.  When my heart starts to feel all messed up, music is one of the best ways I know to get an adjustment.  And it works.  Of course, that is only part of why I write songs.   Obviously, many of the songs I write (particularly those written for Kristie and our girls) are written from a place of deep joy and love experienced in the now.  Yet, so many of my best songs are written as a means of heart chiropractic: the adjustment needed to become the person I am meant to be.  And not only to get the adjustment that I need, but to offer the same gift to others.  After all, everyone needs an adjustment if we are honest and vulnerable enough to admit it.  My hope is that the songs of Three Day Flight may offer you this gift of healing, joy, and love that we all need in our lives.  

Much love and healing to you,