We are all creative!  This is something I have been learning... or, perhaps, relearning. 
We are all creative!  Some of us have simply forgotten.  Even people who believe that we are created in the image of a Creator often forget that we are all creative.  Of course we are!  Look at all that we have made...
We make beautiful things:  We make babies.  We make music.  We make food.  We make love.  We make movies. We make peace.  We make art of all kinds. 
We also make horrible things:  We make war.  We make noise.  We make promises that we cannot keep.  We make messes. We make weapons. We make mistakes. 
Regardless of what we make, this truth remains:  We are all creative! 
Now, I am learning to embrace this truth more each day.  For several years, I have been experimenting with my own ability to make music.  At first, I simply made music by singing.  Then I started playing notes on a piano or a saxophone, or rhythms on a drum.  Then I learned how to read music.  Then I learned how to play songs "by ear" (listening to songs and playing/singing my rendition of what I have heard).  For years, I have made music by playing in bands with other musicians.  And for a few years I have experimented in what has felt like the most dangerous type of music making: writing songs. 
Yes, dangerous!  It takes so much bravery (at least for me) to lay your heart on the line and offer the world what lives inside.  It is dangerous for a fragile, wounded heart to risk offering the world something new.   Something that they may not like.  Something that they may reject or even criticize. 
Perhaps this is at least part of the reason that so many of us have forgotten that we are creative.  We are afraid to create something new, because the world may reject it. 
For me, the music inside of my heart has grown to a point that I can no longer keep it there.  Despite the risk, what is inside of me is there for a reason. I have come to see that I must make the music in my heart and offer it to this world, even if the world rejects and criticizes it.  And I have come to a point where I am learning to let go of the fear that keeps me from creating this art.  It is worth the risk if even one person is healed.  Even if the only person me.
So remember: we are all creative!  You are creative!!  Do not be afraid to be who you are... create.  Make beautiful things: make art, make peace, make food, make music, make poetry, etc.  Whatever you make, create with love!  Create with the hope that what we make matters!  Offer it to the world, and if the world rejects what you make and breaks your heart into pieces... take those broken pieces and pour them into more art.  And offer it again with the hope that your brokenness will help heal others who are broken.  Offer the world your brokenness with love, and that love may just heal you and this broken world.  This has been my experience, and continues to be my hope!
We are all creative!  So don't be afraid... choose to create, and choose to create with love, my friends!!
So much love to all of you!!!